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Raising early stage venture capital and angel investor capital can be frustrating, take a long time and cost a lot of money if an entrepreneur doesn’t already know qualified investors or have experience in connecting with small business investors and selling them on investing in their dream & vision.  That is why CEOs of the fastest growing, most promising early stage companies turn to LAUNCHfn for our expertise on business strategy, capital formation strategies, and access to capital. Don't take our word for it....see it, hear it, read it here.

We have a step by step process that ensures your project will get the attention it deserves. We recognize that you have passion and belief for your vision. We want to honor that by spending quality time understanding your opportunity and helping you to formulate a capital strategy that will work and appeal to investors. Our direct experience in working with capital investors of all types for over a decade uniquely qualifies us to save our clients time and money in raising early stage capital, even in a tough economic climate. LAUNCHfn has developed the Access to Capital System™ that provides a systematic approach to grow your confidence and increase your odds of success of getting the money you need for your business, at whatever stage a business is in and from whatever industry sector.

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During our an initial consultation call, we will review your executive summary and provide initial feedback:

Full Business Plan Review

There are 3 options for you to choose in Step 2:

Our resident expert, Karen Rands, will put her "investor hat on" and review your business plan, investor presentation and/or other document submitted and analyze it for its potential appeal to investors.  A consultation call will be scheduled to provide directed one on one feedback on the overall impression from an investor perspective.   This is a necessary step before qualifying to pitch at any of our upcoming investor events or to be accepted into our SEC compliant Access to Capital System.
Fee:  $197 for each document

"Just like going to the doctor for a “check up”, the Business Plan Review and Capital Strategy Assessment is your company’s insurance policy to ensure your “readiness” to meet with investors.  Even if you believe you are "ready", if you have not raised at least $500,000 from outside investors, you just can't know for sure that your business plan addresses the 4 questions it must answer for early stage capital investors.  You'll receive a full written report on your business plan's investor readiness from an independent business analyst And a one on one consultation session with our resident expert, Karen Rands.    We include your investor presentation and private offering documents as part of our overall assessment.
Fee:  $497 
Raising private or institutional capital is long and time consuming.  If you have recently received a contract or purchase order that is significantly larger than your current revenue or find yourself growing faster than you can keep up with inventory demand, you may qualify for alternative financing.  Through this application, we will assess your potential for approval and connect contact potential lenders on your half to get tentative approval before moving forward.  
Fee:  $199


After you have finished Step 2, we’ll both know what your potential for success is when you enter our Access to Capital System™:  
During any of the review and assessment sessions, we’ll discuss the costs to further engage LAUNCHfn and gain access to our capital sources.   We have spent over a decade identifying, qualifying and developing relationships with thousands of investors – for startup, early stage and emerging growth companies, and hundreds of debt financing sources from traditional to alternative lending.  Depending on the type of capital we determine is appropriate for your stage and focus of your business, you may have the opportunity to engage in a full SEC compliant capital raise with our investor relations partner and SEC approved administrator, utilizing the secure due diligence investor portal on Kugarand Capital Holdings.  This is designed for companies seeking to raise capital through a REG D 506c or REG A+.      

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The venture capital consulting services offered by LAUNCHfn covers advice, counsel, and connection with all types of capital that an entrepreneur might need. Learn more by visiting our parent company:  Kugarand Capital Holdings.
To learn more about our growing national network of angel investors, please visit the National Network of Angel Investors site.  Please do not opt in on that site if you are not an investor. 

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Angel Investors / Private Investors
Is your company VentureWorthy?
Wondering if you have what it takes to
Raise Capital in this tough environment?
Find out how Investors will react to your company!

Wondering if you have what it takes to
Raise Capital in this tough environment?
Find out how Investors will react to your company!

Complete the Business Plan Review or Funding Application Today so you don’t waste any more time or money trying to find angel investors and raise venture capital.
What does Joel Thompson, President of Sports Fan Products have to say about the business plan review process?

"The business plan review was an extremely thorough examination of our business and its business plan.  Through the assessment process we were able to identify some issues within not only our plan, but our business model.    With the recommended changes, we were able to more thoroughly explain and expand upon key components of our company investors would be most interested in reading.   As a 10-year seasoned entrepreneur, I was amazed at the examination, vision and assessment of the plan and received excellent advice I had never considered.  For the entrepreneur who “knows everything about your business (like me)”, then you owe it to yourself and your company to conduct and implement a full business assessment from a smart objective team like Launch FN.  Outstanding  work.  With the changes made to our plan from the business assessment, we were able to successfully secure our private equity investment goal. THANKS!"

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