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Podcast: Starting Up, Seeking Capital, Meeting Investors
Thu, 26 April 2007

From analyzing the hottest areas in which to launch a new business in today's world, to finding ways to finance them - we cover a lot of valuable ground in this show.  We also look at the move towards making Atlanta a tech hub, or at least a recognized one.

Lee and Andy examine various ways in which to identify the hot new markets - running the spectrum from kids to tweens to boomers, and then addressing bigger issues and pet love, along with the other growing markets.

In our special episode on finding investors for any company seeking funding, we get to the heart of what you need to do.  No matter if you are a startup, an established company seeking 2nd or 3rd round funding, or a company with a new division to launch, we brought top talent to the studio to answer the questions that have been keeping you up at night. 

For "been there, done that" advice, we turned to Jeff Haynie, one of the founders of E-Hatchery, and Vocalocity, and now Hakano and Southern Fried Tech.  For those who also want to be investors, or find those investors, we were fortunate enough to have the expertise of Karen Rands, of Network of Business Angel Investors and Launchfn, to help you better understand and prepare for this journey.

Karen recommended checking out: - free ebooks and other raise money info

And Jeff suggested:


Uniqueness is Power is your business growth solutions show where each week you hear from professionals with ideas on saving your bottom line, on increasing sales, and on unique perspectives on new and original companies.  If you know of a company who'd be a good Business Booster (money saver/maker) or Unique of the Week (stands out from the crowd) - please drop Andy a line.  If you know someone who owns a business or works in marketing, please forward this on to them.

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